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Don't Touch My
No, No Parts!

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Adrienne has worked in Public Relations and project management since 2003, focusing on Entertainment and Sports industries while also assisting clients, both large and small, in sectors as varied as non-profits and startup business owners to publishing and spiritual ministries. Adrienne’s creative ideas and media contacts have primarily contributed to her success. 

In September 2018, Adrienne added the title of Author to her resume with the release of her first book Creating a Middle: Conflict Tips for the Modern World, available on Amazon and Barnes and

Adrienne hopes this book will become the go-to resource for individuals and businesses who may benefit from the skills and guidelines for effectively communicating and resolving conflict. 
Since then, Adrienne released a short reference guide on PR called “Public Relations Ain’t Free,” a monthly PR planner, and a children’s book that deals with addiction titled “My Parents Have a Drug Problem.” 

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