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Don't Touch My No No Parts! Male - Hardcover

Research shows that children who disclose their abuse within one month are at a reduced risk for depression. In addition, if children can talk about their abuse, they are less likely to suffer from depression later in life. "Don't Touch My No-No Parts!" was written to help children recognize and set healthy boundaries for their private parts while helping guide the sometimes-awkward conversation surrounding abuse with parents, counselors, and educators.


"Don’t Touch My No-No Parts!"; uses kid-friendly language and illustrations to help parents and concerned adults begin the conversation surrounding potential abuse and guide children to understand better and recognize possible abuse when it happens.


“Don’t Touch My No-No Parts!" uses simple yet direct and digestible language that covers various topics, including how to deal with inappropriate behavior, bribes, and threats and not to keep secrets.


“Don’t Touch My No-No Parts!” includes facts and statistics surrounding childhood abuse and a guide sheet of questions to ask little ones if you suspect abuse has happened.

Don't Touch My No No Parts! Male - Hardcover

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